Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lord, Have Mercy

For a long time, when I thought of this phrase I pictured something like this--An older Southern woman is walking through a grocery store when she runs into an old friend she hasn't seen in 40 years, "Well, Lawd have mercy, look who it is!"

I though of it more of an exclamation rather than a prayer.

Beginning with a discussion in my home meeting, I'm starting to think of this prayer in a whole new light. Even when life is really good it doesn't mean that it is easy. I find myself getting really stressed out about work. I want to be the best, I don't want anyone to be mad at me, I want to be perfect and it is obvious that what I want is unattainable. But boy do I strive for it. I get so stressed that I start to feel it in my body and I realize that for my health, I've got to take a chill pill!

So I chill. I want to combat my stress the right way. I want to be the best stress fighter ever! I try to use all the right techniques by eating better, taking deep breaths, telling myself the right things, remembering the right verses, praying the right prayers. But a familiar feeling creeps in and I've got myself completely stressed out about trying not to be stressed.

By now you may realize that I've gotten myself into a real predicament!

It came to a head as I drove to work one morning this week. I just wanted to cry but I tried to pray. I didn't even know what to pray and I told God that. I was feeling defeated, but then it hit me.

"Lord, have mercy"

"Lord, have mercy on my silly self"
"Lord, have mercy on me a sinner"
"Lord, have mercy when I don't know what to do"
"Lord, have mercy when I'm selfish"
"Lord, have mercy when I'm ungrateful"
"Lord, have mercy when I'm confused"

"Lord, have mercy"

Now, you may not be a crazy as me, but how many prayers can be summed up in those three words? I mean, He knows, right?

In the car this week, just a simple prayer was the mercy that I needed.

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