Saturday, March 12, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to go the "best in the universe" Philadelphia flower show. It was incredible, stunning, overwhelming! And I got to enjoy it with plant extraordinaire Sarah DeWaters and a my favorite DeWaters girlfriend-in-law, Chelsea.

The pictures imperfectly capture just a few of the beautiful things we saw. I have never seen flowers and plants make such beautiful art work. There was also a section of plants that were judged in their respective categories. Do you know how many cool cactus and succulents there are? And, those lady slipper flowers...incredible! And, to all of those many weird yet beautiful plants that I don't even know what to call you. Where do people find you? Not in Home Depot where I buy my plants.

Have I gushed enough? You'll just have to come with me next year.

This room was spectacular. Enough Said.

My favorite tree of the show. A Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry. With twinkle lights.

A whole lot of roses.


I think this one was cooler in person.

The table for my next wedding reception when Corey and I become millionaires and we renew our vows in Hawaii.
Beautiful deep purple tulips.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Flyers

Corey loves hockey. I once considered this a problem. This is totally not acceptable as a sport, something they don't do in the South? For Shame!

It took just one perk from Lincoln for me to change my tune. I got free box tickets to the season opener last year and totally got into the excitement. There is a different energy and pace in hockey that really sets it apart from other live sporting events. On top of that, the fans are the quintessential Philly sports fans. Classy, kind and respectful. Wait, make that the opposite of all three.

So...I thought we should go again while we were still young and dumb enough to spend too much money on a 2 hour sporting event.

We lost, but the experience didn't disappoint.