Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Alero

***Does anyone else bond with their car? If not, you may want to stop reading now because the remainder of this post may just make you think I'm really crazy.***

I just got a new car, but am a little sad about leaving my old one behind.

I think I realized why. I remember the first day it really snowed in Philadelphia, I was wiping the inches of snow and scraping the ice off of this car in my business clothes on the way to work thinking,

"Can you believe where we are?"

"Did I really move to Philadelphia?"

"Am I really living alone scraping ice off of my car in a still strange city?"

It looked so strange to see my car completely out of it's native enviroment. Probably because I felt strange out of my own native enviroment. Was she/I really now expected to put up with snow and ice and all it represented?

Fast forward over 2 years, I'm through my trasition phase and I feel completely at home. But I remember sometime that this car is about the only physical thing that remained constant in my life from Alabama to Pennsylvania. It gave us a bond. We did this together!

Thank you!


  1. She was a good old car, wasn't she? I will never forget driving her off the showroom floor!

  2. Yes, sweet Jackie! I have bonded with all my cars - especially the '69 red Volkswagen Bug - went through my senior year of high school, my years at Freed, and into my marriage...then it was traded in on a car Carl wanted...I have still shed tears over that one, even though I was able to have his '73 Monte Carlo...those were the days...and I had an Alero too, before my current vehicle...was a great little car! Love you and sure hope we can see you soon!

  3. and you can bond with the new car when it drives you back to ALABAMA!! post those pics!