Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Natural Engagement

The news is out. The all-important Facebook status has changed. The package has been delivered, and has a new home on my finger. Corey and I are getting married. But can I still call him my boyfriend? Because after 2 years I was just getting used to that terminology and now I've got to change it to some strange French(?) word and somehow resist the urge to say "fiance" like Vernon T. Waldrip in Oh Brother Where Art Thou. But I digress.

Corey and I are gettin' married and I'm still pinching myself because I don't feel any different. Are you supposed to feel inherently different? I'm excited, I feel blessed, I'm full of love, and I have a conspicuous new addition to my hand, but different? I think not. But when I do think about it, natural is the word that come to mind.

And it was natural on Saturday when we were walking on the trail and looking at the beautiful waterfalls and just enjoying being together. It all happened when we were taking a break from hiking. We were just sitting on a rock near some flowing water and watching a stick. This stick was laying on the rock with the water rushing over it and looked like it was moving down hill. It went something like this:
J: "Corey, that stick looks like it's moving."
C: "Yeah it does."
J: "It just moves a little bit every once in a while."
C: "Wait, I don't really know if it's moving."
J: Still contemplating, Is the stick moving or is it not?
J: Mind wandering to some random thought, food more than likely.
C: Digging in backpack then getting on his knee.
C: "I love you, Will you marry me?"

And as naturally as that, we got engaged. I'm excited about the next few months where I can use all of the knowledge I have gained about weddings ever since I was tearing out pages of wedding magazines in 5th grade. But more than that, I'm excited to start a lifetime love affair, friendship, and partnership. I'm excited to have someone around that actually likes to do the dishes and doesn't tend to forget things like house keys after you already locked the door. And I'm excited to bring my depth of emotion and sawmill gravy making abilities to a marriage that will surely be very hard but by the grace of God, a blessing to us both.

Enjoy the pics!

The swanky steakhouse where we ate after we got engaged.


  1. I'm so happy for you, Jackie! It has been a natural progression for me, too. Let the fun begin!!

  2. And the Pickett's Charge restaurant is hilarious - a little ironic, don't you think? Don't forget that the North won!

  3. I liked hearing some more of the details. Such a way with words Jackie. And I agree, it is very hard to get used to the word fiance. At least you don't have to use it for long. Get ready for husband!

  4. Thanks for sharing that with us Jackie. Such a sweet word picture you drew and I totally get the "natural" thing. There is comfort in "just knowing" it's right. God has brought you together for His glory. Be Blessed!!
    Aunt Ellen